Why ElectRx

Reduce prescription costs for your company and your employees.

Experience the ElectRx Difference

At ElectRx, we understand that you want to provide and sustain meaningful and affordable benefits to your employees. That’s why we work with your health plan to offer Personal Importation (PI). PI provides lower plan cost and lower employee cost. 

Program Highlights

  • You and your employees get discounts on brand-name, insulin, and specialty pharmaceuticals
  • Reduces your Rx costs—reduces your Rx costs from 40% to 70%
  • Employees pay $0 copays
  • U.S.-based customer service
  • Promotes medication adherence—fewer facility based medical claims
  • We carry general liability, cyber security, and E&O insurance for all the risks

The ElectRx Difference

Here’s how we are different from other providers:

  • Personal Importation (PI) of prescription drugs from Tier 1 countries can provide substantial savings for both employees and the plan. Many brand name medications can be purchased for 40% to 70% less than the existing pharmacy network prices.
  • We carry general liability, cyber security, and E&O insurance for all risks.
  • Our focus is on your employees. We make getting prescriptions, including refills, easy and affordable.
  • Drug pedigree, care, custody, and control in the supply chain are important to us. In addition to our pharmacy partners where professional standards and pharmacy standards are the highest priorities. These steps and requirements ensure the highest levels of safety. All brand name medications are in their original factory sealed packaging from the licensed manufacturer and are completely bioequivalent to their FDA approved versions.
  • Cold chain and cool chain custody drugs can be shipped from Canada in highly specialized coolers that maintain rigid temperature controls.
  • All medication shipments are dispensed by fully licensed pharmacists in highly regulated brick and mortar retail pharmacies in Tier 1 countries. These include Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and England. Regulatory requirements and safety standards governing medications for human consumption in Tier 1 countries are similar to or exceed those of the FDA in the United States.