The Onboarding Process

Take the next step with ElectRx.

Partnering with ElectRx is simple. When you sign up for our services, there are a few steps you will take:

  1. Complete the New Client Details sheet.
    This can be completed online or on the phone.
  2. Work with ElectRx staff to establish SFTP connections and set up a regular eligibility file transfer schedule.
    We will also work with your PBM to identify additional cost savings opportunities.
  3. Develop an available Drug List for your demographics.
    Together, we will create the preferred drug list based on your company’s claims and demographic’s needs.
  4. Communicate with employees.
    Use the marketing materials we provide to you and share them with your employees. The ElectRx team is available to support you and help employees get started.

We are ready to help you and your organization save on prescriptions. Call (855) 353-2879 to get started!