ElectRx for Employers

Partnering with ElectRx

At ElectRx, we understand that you want to provide and sustain meaningful and affordable benefits to your employees. That’s why we offer quality prescription drug products at the true lowest net cost. ElectRx delivers lower plan costs AND lower employee costs.

Why ElectRx?

  • Discounts on brand-name, generic, insulin, and specialty pharmaceuticals
  • Reduces your Rx costs—up to 55%–both now and in the future
  • Employees pay $0 copays
  • U.S.-based customer service
  • Network of over 63,000 retail pharmacies in Tier 1 countries
  • Promotes medication adherence–less facility based medical claims
  • Generic Utilization Rate (GUR) of up to 87%

Experience the ElectRx Difference

ElectRx is the only fully integrated international prescription drug benefit program in North America providing retail, mail order, and specialty pharmacy services, all with PBM oversight.

Here’s how we are different from other providers:

  • We provide savings for the plan and employees. Certain brand medications can be purchased for 40% to 70% cheaper than the existing pharmacy network prices.
  • All provisions are fully insured. We carry full liability insurance for all risk.
  • Our focus is on the employee. We make getting prescriptions, including refills, easy and affordable.
  • Safety is our first priority! All drugs shipped are the Complete Bioequivalence with FDA Approved Versions of the same drug. Everything is in its original packaging.
  • We offer Cool Chain and Cold Chain Custody drugs. These medications are all shipped from Canada in FDA Approved Coolers.
  • All our shipments come from registered pharmacists in brick and mortar retail pharmacies from Tier 1 countries: Canada, England, New Zealand, or Australia. These countries’ drug safety policies and regulatory bodies are modeled after our own FDA.

The Onboarding Process

Partnering with ElectRx is simple. When you sign up for our services, there are a few steps you will take:

  1. Complete the Customer Information Form.

    This can be completed online or on the phone.

  2. Work with ElectRx staff to establish SFTP connections and set up a regular eligibility file transfer schedule.

    We will also work with your PBM to identify additional cost savings opportunities.

  3. Develop the formulary for your demographics.

    Together, we will create the preferred drug list based on your company’s claims and demographic’s needs.

  4. Communicate with employees.

    The ElectRx team is available to support you and help employees get started.

Take the Next Step with ElectRx

We are ready to help you and your organization save on prescriptions. Call (855) 353-2879 to get started!

Marketing Toolbox

We’ve created a variety of communications to help you share ElectRx’s value and services with your employees:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Videos

Does ElectRx replace our current PBM?
No. You still work with your existing PBM, but ElectRx will help you reduce your drug spend by up to 55%.

How does ElectRx reduce our future costs?
We are committed to reducing your future drug spend through our unique series of programs and services. We actively promote the development of fully integrated programs and maintain a laser like focus on not just current benefit cost reduction but future benefit cost containment.

To accomplish this, we strongly advocate and promote:

  • Wellness Programs for prevention and cost control
  • Disease Management Programs that optimize clinical outcomes at every stage of chronic disease

Where does ElectRx get medication from?
All our shipments come from brick and mortar retail pharmacies from Tier 1 countries: Canada, England, New Zealand, or Australia. Our cool chain and cold chain custody drugs are sent from Canada.

Who handles the prescription drug shipments?
Our shipments are processed, packaged and shipped by a registered pharmacist. That pharmacist will also handle the refills. The pharmacy will reach out to the patient directly as any pharmacy would in the United States. This ensures safety and maintains the Elect Rx Personal Importation (PI) program structure.

How does ElectRx promote medication adherence?
By reducing prescription costs, ElectRx promotes medication adherence for all plan members, which means less emergency room claims and hospital admissions.